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The Ethos of the Divine Age
why now is the time to build the greatest era of human civilization — and accelerate our world into the divine age
@bayeslord and Nadia Asparouhova
The Shitposting Gods of Silicon Valley
flexport's ryan petersen tackles the supply-chain crisis, convergence: CEOs are journalists are politicians, press vacuum, and elon musk vs. the UN
Mike Solana
Don't Die: An Interview with Bryan Johnson
bryan johnson is trying to defeat the human aging process. everyone on the internet hates him for it. he has never been happier.
Mike Solana
A Techno-Industrialist Manifesto
we need to make manufacturing better, cheaper, and faster through technology. it should be as easy to make physical things as it is to make software. the end.
Aaron Slodov
Inside Anduril’s Comms Strategy: 10 Rules for Mission-Driven Founders
lulu cheng meservey shares the never-before-revealed playbook that shaped Anduril’s early communication strategy and helped its founders turn the company from black sheep to household name
Lulu Cheng Meservey
Peter Thiel: The Diversity Myth, A Retrospective
my interview with peter thiel, and reflections on ‘the diversity myth’ thirty years later; stagnation, from science and economics to faith and politics; and back to the future
Mike Solana
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